Super Smart Contract Based Data Ecosystem

FinndyChain based on the "data mining" consensus mechanism is a public chain specially developed for solving the copyright privacy problem of the data industry and maximizing the data value.

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Our Vision

FinndyChain targets at forging a largest world blockchain data ecosystem and exploring the value behind the data source with blockchain and help data suppliers and demanders to access to the platform with the best experience at the lowest cost and maximize the data value fast.

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public data mining

crowdsourcing data multidimensional fusion

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decentralization storage

data distributed storage resource sharing

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peer to peer delivery

peer to peer transaction safe and efficiency

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Advantages of FinndyChain

FinndyChain is the public chain based on the DPoS+DPoW consensus algorithm. Depending on development of Graphene technology architecture, FinndyChain can realize block creation within 3s and have 100,000 TPS.

The advantages of the FinndyChain include: After HASH on-chain, it can match and bind the ownership totally and the ownership can be clear and controlled. Data based on the chain can be stored permanently, traced and circulated transparently. Reduce the burden of the server significantly, facilitate fusion and reuse of data, protect data from being scrubbed. High delivery efficiency, no data preservation, more trustworthy.

The massive data and model precipitation of FinndyChain

The FinndyChain ecosystem has deposited 200,000 distributed data source nodes. With the PB-level data source support and AI modeling. The super smart contract is equipped with over 2000 kinds of mature data application models. Depending on the AI and Sandbox technology, it can guarantee safe placement and delivery of data on the chain to realize safety circulation of data exactly and avoid the copyright privacy problem arising from circulation of unencrypted data.

FinndyChain targets at forging the safe circulation ecology of global data. All the DApps will be developed quickly based on the mass data source nodes, mature tool set, extremely simple development suite of the ecosystem to explore the value behind the data source to the maximum.

Trust mechanism

Data authorization

Confirmation authorization

Distributed storage

Technical desensitization

Peer to peer delivery

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"data mining" model

The DPoW consensus mechanism of FinndyChain is designed based on the "data mining" model initially created by FinndyChain. DPoW "data mining" targets at solving the problem of extremely low utilization of data and the severe data isolated island problem in the bigdata times.

The bigdata mine is like the petroleum which will have no value for the society without exploiting. The DPoW data mining of FinndyChain and its stimulation model can realize participation of all the people in data collection, storage, circulation and application to the maximum and finally significantly improve the utilization of social data and promote fast implementation of the global data petroleum strategy.

Development timetable

FinndyChain core team has rich experience and feasible development plan

2018 Q2

Pass the product model verification and release the White Paper 1.0

2019 Q1

Start development of FinndyChain DApp and formally open the application market

2020 Q1

Realize overall market operation of the product, large-scale advertising and marketing promotion

2018 Q3

Start to allin development of main chain

2018 Q4

Complete development of the infrastructure and put it on the main chain

2021 Q1

Implement product advertising and promotion and ascend to the first tier of Chinese data market

Investment advantages analysis

Teamwork advantages:
Forged by the core team which has years of data trade experience and is advanced in the blockchain field. Supported by ten thousands of industrial data models and rich real user demand cases, the team has a deep understanding for the key problems of the industry.
Technical deposits:
Has years of experience in the distributed blockchain industry, as well as experience of distributed collection and storage architecture of several thousands of servers. It can shorten the development period significantly and implement the planning fast.
Data deposits:
200,000 distributed data source nodes and PB-level data deposits. Based on the product upgrade and the millions of users of the centralized platform, it can realize fast application and circulation of Token and improve the activity of the community ecosystem.
Advantages under opportunities:
In the big data times, data mining via FinndyChain can promote fast implementation of the "data petroleum" strategy. At the same time, the platform can provide ToC and ToD mining modes to realize mining of the public. The market space and social value are enormous.

White Paper
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FinndyChain has an experienced core team composed of members who have years of experience in the blockchain and data trade industry

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Midy Ma Founder

Founder of FinndyChain, An expert on Data Trading research.10 years of experience in technology development and enterprise management. Successfully founded several enterprises. CEO of the Finndy, and the chairman of Jian Yuan Network. The early core developer of the blockchain. A member of the governing unit of the Shanghai Bigdata Alliance. The best enterprise CIO of the fourth cloud tripod award. Graduated from Shanghai University, master of AI & Automation. Once worked for Tencent and led the development of Tencent's first game bigdata AI engine.

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Raajiv SamiStrategy consultant

Strategy consultant, an entrepreneur with a background in wealth management and a comprehensive understanding of finance and technology. Raajiv has accumulated rich experience through strategic consultation of several enterprises in the direction of fund management and blockchain development. Some of the global brands Raajiv has represented include: St. James’s Place, MLC (part of the NAB group), AXA, AMP, Bankwest (part of the CBA Group), and ACAP (part of the Navitas group).

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Jason Wu Singapore Super Partner

Singapore Super Partner, Continuous Entrepreneur, Partner of a well-known consulting firm and Financial Investment Project Manager. Futures trading community co-founder. There are more than 15000 hours of spot gold (XAU) experience in US stock futures trading. Bitcoin early players, contract players. Singapore digital money player community early participants. Participate in multiple blockchain project investment. Super partners in several digital currency exchange in Singapore.

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Mark LeeBusiness partner

Business partner and a public relation expert with rich experience in the finance industry. Has years of financial channel development experience and is proficient in public relation policy study.

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Tony ZhangOperation partner

Operation partners, 8 years of experience in bigdata industry and operation management. A senior data modeling expert. Continuous entrepreneurs. Proficient in bigdata model development and has rich experience in data platform operation. COO of Jian Yuan Network. VP of Yuejin Group and led the construction of data analysis model and market operation of big data products.

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Andy AnTechnical partner

Technical partner, a distributed database development expert, a blockchain consensus algorithm contributor. 10 years of experience in technology development and development management.Graduated from Shanghai Normal University computer science. Proficient in bigdata, blockchain, distribution storage technology. Once worked for Anjuke, responsible for the development of Internet and big data products. Once served as Qian Yu technology CTO, led block chain real estate platform development. One of the earliest senior developer in consensus algorithm field.

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Evin YangMarketing Partner

Marketing partner and a block chain community marketing expert with a block chain community of millions of users. A senior player of Bitcoin. Start to be engaged in Bitcoin in 2013 and once created a 200 times of leverage income.

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Your Name Partner or engineer

Welcome all kinds of blockchain or bigdata talents to join the core team of the FinndyChain. Please resume to to work together with us and create a subversive blockchain data ecosystem.

Investor and Venture Capitalist

FinndyChain has a excellent core team and has been invested by several VCs.

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Xinyong Nie

Founder of Unity Asset and Goldenwise Capital

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David Chen

Founder of Huashan Venture Capital

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Richard Chen

Founder of InnoSpace and InnoSpace Fund

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Simon Yang

Founder of Zhongshan Venture Capital


1. why blockchain is introduced to solve the problem?

The nature of block chain is the distributed decentralized database. The subject of data ecosystem is data. The HASH on-chain and data can match each other totally and tampering will not happen. These features make data on-chain have unique advantages that other products do not have. Besides, introduction of block chain updates the traditional centralization to the decentralization mode. It has an overwhelming meaning in the circulation and application process of data.

2. Why need token?

Token is the carrier of the rights and interests of the FinndyChain. The core goal of Token is to realize the ecological incentive and centralization of the FinndyChain, and to ensure that the ecology of the chain can be completed in a safe and orderly way through the smart contract, and finally the ecological autonomy can be realized.

3. How does the core team Token be released?

The team's unlocking time is based on the online time of the main chain, and is released gradually after 6-12 months. It is executed according to the smart contract. The Token release of other distributive subject was similar.

Cooperative partner

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